Established 1946

NSAA Rules


General Rules

The fishing rules shall be those as printed on the current annual membership card and on current visitorʼs permits and/or on association official publications/signs and Each permit holder will be responsible for any damage they cause to property, fences, dykes, trees, etc. Please always leave gates as you find them. Any member or guest proven to have brought the name of Newton Stewart & District Angling Association into disrepute will be expelled from the Association forthwith. Any member or visitor found to be fishing illegally, or in breach of the rules will be liable to expulsion from the Association and their membership withdrawn for life. NO dogs allowed It is illegal to sell any fish caught on Association waters!!

River Rules

  1. The only LEGAL methods of fishing on Association waters, are by a single or double hand held rod and line, the terminal tackle can be single or multiple fly combinations of suitable size. The minimum size of wild brown trout to be taken is 12 inches. Spinning is permitted all season subject to water levels, and worm fishing using a hook with a minimum size of 1/0. (from 1st June to 30th September) is allowed subject to river level i.e. when there is NO yellow showing on the marker gauges. Bait fishing (worm only using a hook with a minimum size of 1/0.  ( from 1st June to 30th September) and spinning is permitted in the Ghyll pool east bank only, and below the A75 road bridge to end of beat (west bank only)irrespective of water height. Float fishing is only allowed on the Ghyll Pool. NO SHRIMP OR PRAWN FISHING – it is illegal! Fishing from bridges is strictly prohibited.
  2. Permit holders bind themselves to always fish in a courteous and considerate manner. You MUST NOT enter a pool in front of any other angler. You must enter behind the angler(s) in possession at a safe and reasonable distance. This rule applies whether fly fishing, spinning or worming or from either bank. You MUST take one step downstream after each cast. NO FIXED ENGINE FISHING i.e. the rod must be in hand at all times.
  3. 3. ALL salmon or grilse caught before 1st June MUST be returned, and that ALL fish to be returned after 30th September.
  4. A maximum of one salmon/grilse to be killed per day, and up to a maximum two per week. ALL salmon OVER 10lb in weight MUST be returned – for the ENTIRE SEASON.

5. All coloured fish, parr, smolts and kelts to be returned unharmed to the river.6.

6.Fishing with a bladed spinner (such as a “flying C” or Mepps) shall only be permitted if the spinner is fitted with one single hook – for the ENTIRE SEASON.


  1. It is an Criminal offence to take a salmon before 1st April and may render you liable to prosecution even if the fish is dead or bleeding.
  2. RIVER CREE: West bank, from top of Suspension Bridge Pool to south march of Nether Barr Farm. East bank, from Whitehills march fence at the upper end of the Ghyll Pool to the top end of Slaughterhouse Pool.
  3. PENKILN BURN: West bank only, Auchinleck Bridge to Mattie Whiteʼs Bridge. Fly & spinning all season. Worm fishing 1st June to 31st August.
  4. Wild Brown Trout Season: 15th March to 6th October.
  5. SALMON Season: River Cree and Penkiln Burn, 1st March to 14th October.
  6. SEA TROUT Season: 1st March to 15th August. After which ALL sea trout MUST be returned unharmed.
  7. All sea trout under 12 inches in length OR over 2lbs in weight MUST be returned throughout the season with a two fish kill limit per day. And a maximum of four sea trout (under 2lb) to be killed per angler/week
  8. No Sunday fishing permitted.
  9. Always carry your permit whilst fishing Association waters.
  10. Catch returns: You must complete and forward a catch return to Murdo Crosbie, (Contact Details below) this includes a NIL return, before the 10th November each year.


The only LEGAL methods of fishing on Association lochs is by a single hand held rod and when fly fishing the terminal tackle can be single or multiple fly combinations of suitable sizes. Where bait fishing is allowed, this must be strictly WORM only.

  1. The two fish kill limit per day applies on all association lochs.
  2. When worm fishing for trout the first 2 fish caught MUST be killed. Then worm fishing must cease.
  3. BRUNTIS LOCH:This Loch is no longer available to fish through Nsaa.
  4. WEE GLENAMOUR: Fly and bait fishing (worm only).
  5. FYNTALLOCH LOCH: Fly and bait fishing (worm only).
  6. LOCH DEE: Fly fishing only. 12” kill limit.
  7. LOCH OCHILTREE : Fly fishing only. Boats available, life jackets MUST be worn (not supplied). 12” kill limit. All brown trout must be returned safely! Electric outboard motors only allowed.
  8. KIRRIEREOCH LOCH: Fly and bait fishing (worm only). 9” kill limit.


ALL LOCHS : 15th March to 6th October, except Wee Glenamour. Winter season 7th October to 14th February. Closed 15th February, re-opens 15th March.


Loch Ochiltree, Fyntalloch Loch & Loch Dee. FLY FISHING ONLY all season (15th March – 6th October). A minimum 8/9 wt fly rod is to be used. All hooks to be a minimum size 6. Long nosed pliers and wire cutters to be carried at all times for unhooking and or hook cutting.



Pollution Anyone seeing evidence of suspected pollution of a river, stream or loch, please contact SEPA on 01671 402618 IMMEDIATELY!

Any member wishing to draw attention of any matter to the Committee can do so by contacting The Secretary.

Please inform Murdo Crosbie of all Salmon/Grilse/Sea Trout Caught On the day of capture or ASAP on Email or on 0779 865 3740





Located here are photographs from our competitions and local fishing events.