Established 1946

The Anglers’ Role

It is now increasingly important that Salmon & Grilse be returned to our rivers with as little handling as possible.


Photo of the safe return of a fish to the river

Image of the safe return guidelines for fish


Kelt Recognition
It is in March and April that you are most likely to encounter catching a “Kelt”.

This is a salmon that has been up river to spawn and has returned to the lower reaches of the Cree to “mend up” after spawning.
These fish MUST be returned unharmed by Law.
They can be difficult to tell from fresh run fish as the have assumed their former silvery livery.
Below are some examples of what to look for if you should hook and land one

Photo of a Kelp Salmon

Please note how slender the fish is, but mainly note the extended “Vent”.
The other main distinction is the Gill Maggots found on the end of each red gill raker.

Carefully open the gill cover and check for maggots as per the picture below.

Photo of maggots on Kelt Salmon Gills

Invasive Species

Poster for stopping the spread of disease for anglers




Located here are photographs from our competitions and local fishing events.